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  • ARC R11 2019 takes 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion

    The 2018 Singapore ISTC National Championships was held at the large nitro PA East Coast track. Organized by RCMC and unlike a series race in previous years, this would be a single event to determine the 2018 ISTC national champion. Muchmore Rush 36X tires and Hudy tire addictive was controlled for the event. Usage of new and used tires also would be controlled being new sets on Q1, Q2 and Final A1, while the rest on used sets.

    Entries to the event were not huge but attracted local top drivers including Yokomo's Nicholas Lee, Xray's Dominic Quek and ARC's P.Y.Tang. Lee was the pace setter in practise session during the week with everyone else working hard to close up the gap trying to improve at the technical section of the center chicane and the long straight plus sweeper close to round 80 meters. With scorching hot temperature during the mid-week, track temperature reaches 60degC and some concerns of the reliability of the tires arises due to the extreme long straight and somewhat abrasive asphalt condition. The organizer would decide on the race day to reduce the track layout, removing the large right sweeper section cutting the long straight and about 2 seconds per lap. Additional 15 minutes of practise session was given to the drivers before the qualifying rounds started. In the 3 qualifying rounds, Lee took Q1 and Q2 for the overall TQ. Quek would start in 2nd, Tang in 3rd with Eugene and Hasron completed top 5.

    Top 8 Qualifying Standings (ISTC):
    1. Nicholas Lee - Yokomo
    2. Dominic Quek - Xray
    3. P.Y.Tang - ARC - Muchmore
    4. Eugene - Yokomo
    5. Hasron - Xray
    6. Auyong - Tamiya
    7. (DNS) Nelson Lee - Yokomo
    8. (DNS) Barry Ng - ARC

    Lee managed to get a clear lead in Final A1, with Tang promoting to 2nd after a mistake from Quek. Halfway through, Quek retook 2nd after a traction roll from Tang in the center chicane. Lee went on to take Final A1, with Quek and Tang in 2nd and 3rd respectively. A complete different outcome in Final A2 which Tang from 3rd would take the win ahead of Lee and Quek, which the latter two touched at turn 1 promoting Tang to 1st. With the national champion title wide open going into Final A3, another lucky break for Tang leading in lap 1 at the hairpin after the fast chicane, with Lee upside down and Quek waited, Tang capitalized and having a clear track ahead of him. Tang's Muchmore-powered ARC R11 2019 would hold off a hot pursuit Lee, to win Final A3 and claim the 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion. Lee finished 2nd overall and Quek in 3rd.

    Top 8 Final Standings (ISTC):
    1. P.Y.Tang - ARC - Muchmore
    2. (TQ) Nicholas Lee - Yokomo
    3. Dominic Quek - Xray
    4. Eugene - Yokomo
    5. Auyong - Tamiya
    6. Hasron - Xray
    7. (DNS) Nelson Lee - Yokomo
    8. (DNS) Barry Ng - ARC
  • Muchmore crowned 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion

    Muchmore claims 2018 Singapore ISTC National Champion. P.Y.Tang's Muchmore-powered ARC R11 2019 took Final A2 and A3 to win the national title from 3rd in the grid. Running a non-production ARC R11 2019, the Muchmore power plant chosen was the Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 ESC, Muchmore Fleta ZX V2 4.5T Motor and Muchmore Impact 6400 110C LiPo.

    See P.Y.Tang Setup Sheet here: MuchmoreARC R11 2019
  • ARC R10 and BLITZ TQ and Wins in 2014/15 ETS Round 4 in Austria


    Team ARC Lars Hoppe has TQ and Wins of fourth round Pro Stock Class of ETS in Austria fahr(T)raum , In the A main final there are 3 ARC Cars , Markus Kreder in 8th and Henrik Heitsch 9th , Team ARC Germany show a great team work and car in the highest level ETS Pro-Stock race again.
  • ORCA VX3 wins TITC 2015

    Alexander Hagberg and P.Y.Tang from Team ORCA had a fantastic week in RC Addict, Bangkok, Thailand for the annual TITC 2015, both TQ and winning the two most prestigious class of Modify and Open Brushless class. Both ORCA drivers uses the new VX3 speedo, Infinite Ultra HV Lipo and Alexander uses the RX3 4.5T motor in his car.
  • ARC R10 wins TITC 2015


    Team ARC wins TITC 2015 in RC Addict Bangkok, Thailand on March 1, 2015. This is the first major win for ARC taking the overall TQ in the first 3 rounds on day 1 of qualifying, and went on to dominate the A-Finals winning the first two legs. Piloted by P.Y.Tang from Singapore, the ORCA-powered ARC R10 2015 completes ARC its first milestone to win a major race in Asia.
  • ELANGEARS double TQ and win at TITC 2015


    Double TQ and win for ELANGEARS driver Alexander Hagberg from Sweden and P.Y.Tang from Singapore. Both drivers using Elangears Cronus Power Supply and ElanR Chargers takes the TQ and win in the Modify Class by Alexander and the Open Brushless Class by P.Y.Tang
  • Team XPERT driver P.Y.Tang wins TITC 2015


    Team XPERT driver P.Y.Tang from Singapore dominated the Open Brushless Class at TITC 2015 held in RC Addict, Bangkok in Thailand. Using the Limited Lee Martin Black Edition PI-3401 LV Low Profile Servo in his ARC R10, P.Y.Tang surprised the class by sweeping the TQ spot in the first 3 qualifying rounds and continued to dominate by winning the first two A-Finals.