P.Y.Tang has announced the official joining of International Muchmore Team running Muchmore power including Muchmore accessories. The 2015 TITC Open Brushless champion, will now use Muchmore power in his electric touring car class, debuting his first race at the 2017 Indonesia Year End Race in Jakarta, using the Muchmore Fleta Pro V2 ESC, Muchmore ZX V2 Motors and Muchmore Impact LCG Lipos. Supported by Quantum Racing who is distributing ORCA and Muchmore product, the company will continue to support the existing ORCA users and assist new Muchmore users. Below is what P.Y. has to say on his new deal.

"First would like to thank Frankie and Michael for the support in using ORCA power for the past years. It is not an easy decision to make but I needed a change. Thanks to Mr.Jang who has been supportive for me to run Muchmore power and accessories and hope to get good result and have fun in racing. Also thanks to Quantum Racing who has been supporting my equipment and races, and they will for sure continue to support all the users of the multi-brand they offers."

Source: Quantum